Editorial, photography and packaging for Lukas Layton


We shaped Lukas Layton music through his new video, keeping a conceptual and pure vision in each frame.
After launching this clip, we suggested bringing his music to the media in a different way: by attracting attention not only to his lyrics and melody but inviting other senses -like the touch and the sight- to participate.


We designed two exclusive packs and chose a unique process to produce it: lead type printing.

The pack is composed by:

· A main box that comes in black velvety Fedrigoni paper, with a die-cut in the cover that reads “Lukas Layton, Alivio de Luto” stamped in Letterpress over a Canson Edition pink paper laminated to the cover.

· Inside, a package wrapped in pink silk paper sealed with a Special Edition sticker. This includes eight frames from Alivio de Luto. Pictures are printed on Hahnemühler paper, and there’s a small text in the image caption that introduces a fragment of the Alivio de luto’s lyrics, which comes with the particular scene of the clip.

“Let’s break conventions, face the pain and the anger with our best weapons: the passion and dedication we put in everything we dream of.”

Estudio Santa Rita

You can also take a look to this project in our Behance.