Corporate identity and web design for Lulú Pérez

We created this brand identity from scratch for Lulú Pérez, a stylish make-up artist and hairdresser. Her positive energy and her effort to get to the top had to be present in her brand identity. We created a quite versatile typography, made by modulations through different applications.
The upward diagonal is meant to express the constant development, a direction, a goal. The colour is key in Lulu’s daily life. Therefore it was mandatory to highlight it in the business cards and brand identity we created for her.
The web works as a portfolio and is simple, quite visual and functional.

The business cards are litmus, sweet and delicate

They come in a square design where the iridescent colour grabs all the attention. The stamping print technique, laminated paper and details presented with letterpress gives them an utterly personal touch.

You can also take a look to this project in our Behance.

Client: Lulú Perez Hair and Make-Up