Self-promotion project

January 24th is our anniversary. We created this poster for our first birthday, a year remembered for being full of joy, projects and lovely people. We wanted to thank the love we received from those who helped us to make our dream come true.
This piece not only reflects our particular way of doing things but also adds a subtle message for everyone who’s ready to look.

‘Creativos lunáticos’ (‘creative lunatics’), that’s how we describe ourselves.

– Lunatic: a person who suffers madness, not continuously, but at intervals.
– Creative: that possess or stimulate the creation, invention, etc.

We conceive creativity as a map of constellations, where creatives and projects coexist in an extensive network and make infinite connections.
Who hasn’t lay down in the grass to watch the stars and create forms by joining them? This is our day to day —always looking for the next star to connect.

This poster was crafted with a mixture of techniques –collage, letterpress and phosphorescent pigments. It shows a group of individuals looking at a message. Our intention was to create a chain of observation between the viewer and the piece, making him part of these group of people. All condensed in a point of view where stars, ideas, people, creativity, projects and life meet.

Our passion above all.

You can also take a look to this project in our Behance