Illustration for an article for "Culture Traveller" by BBC where they want to define the culture that characterized some most popular cities in the world. Art, literature, and film are the elements used to define each of them.

Articles: LA and NY

Title: BBC Culture Traveller
Client: BBC Worldcenter
Year: 2020


Los Ángeles
LA, the ‘City of Angels’, also thought of as ‘the city of broken dreams’, has entertainment woven into its very fabric.

In many ways, Los Angeles is a city as hard to define as it is to navigate without a car. A sprawling urban mass covering 500 sq miles (1295 sq km), it was famously described by Dorothy Parker as ‘72 suburbs in search of a city’. Its origins stretch back to the 18th Century, and yet it can still seem like a young city, having expanded alongside the film industry in the early 1900s.


New York
New York is, without doubt, one of the most dynamic, diverse, and creative cities in the world, a cultural center of almost mythic proportions, celebrated by generations of artists for its unparalleled extremes of wealth and poverty, glamour, and grime. From the glorious peaks of the Roaring Twenties to the squalor and destitution of the 1970s, it seems that no aspect of the city’s life has gone unexplored by writers, painters, or filmmakers.

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